Korvolt is currently in beta while the equity crowdfunding regulations are being finalized by the SEC & FINRA.
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About Korvolt

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a business, startup, or venture by combining small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. In an equity crowdfunding relationship, investors are given a share in the business in exchange for their financial investment. Many businesses, startups, and filmmakers have successfully raised funds and fostered awareness through crowdfunding.

What is the Market Status of Equity Crowdfunding?

The current state of the market is chaotic and unreliable. SEC rules and business models are still being defined and many equity crowdfunding platforms are inadequate in scope and technology. They lack real-time financial tools to encourage investors to invest.

Korvolt is in the position to fix many of these issues by focusing on analytics and valuation - two key components in equity crowdfunding. Through our own proprietary technology, analytic and financial data, and social technology, Korvolt provides investors with the information they need to accurately evaluate businesses and startups before entering into an investment relationship.

Korvolt's Approach

Korvolt was started in mid-2013 by professionals experienced in working with startups, who also had extensive background in securities, operations and alternative investments. We understand the needs of both investors and startups. Korvolt is deeply committed to an equity crowdfunding model built on and supported by the international community, mainly in the United States and South Korea.

Korvolt's Tools and System

Korvolt has the opportunity today to help shape the industry by solving fundamental problems for both investors and entrepreneurs. Korvolt is about improving the process of raising capital or investing in a business by making it seamless, quick, and reliable. For entrepreneurs, Korvolt offers a powerful tool to produce realistic valuation of their business, in real-time. For investors, we offer a dependable system for assessing and validating the business's valuation to guide investment decisions. Using these tools, Korvolt solves the problem of uncertainty that has plagued crowdfunding up to this point.

Korvolt's Business Model

We believe in an open and integrated approach. Our approach is built on 4 key components that will guide how we build community and sustain and support our members.

Why South Korea

The South Korean government plays an important role in shaping the domestic crowdfunding industry. In May 2013, the Finance Ministry announced the government planned to legalize the crowd funding system as part of efforts to help venture companies finance their seed money from a number of small investors with fewer restrictions.
South Korea


Albert S. Lee
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • New York University, Economics
  • Founder, Lee Multi-Strategy Management, LLC
  • Partner, Emissary Capital Group
  • Head of China Research & Partner, Maxim Group, LLC

Byron Yu
Chief Technology Officer
  • Columbia University, EE
  • Country President, AudioCodes (NASDAQ-AUDC)
  • Regional Head, Broadsoft (NASDAQ-BSFT)
  • Regional Director, Convergence
  • Engineer, Telcordia, Bellcore, Packeteer, Commverge

Robert Newman
Legal Advisor
  • Cornell University, BS
  • Brooklyn Law School, JD
  • Managing Partner of Newman & Morrison LLP
  • 30 years experience in capital markets and as securities and M&A lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell
  • IT Director at Barclays Bank

Patrick Jun
  • Executive Director : Fixed Income Derivatives at Morgan Stanley
  • Vice President : Corporate Risk Management at Goldman Sachs
  • CFO / Controller at 3LAB
  • Vice President : Strategic Solutions Group at Merrill Lynch

Kang Chang Soon
  • Seoul National University-Engineering
  • University of Washington, MBA
  • Advisor-Yoon & Yang (HWAWOO)
  • CEO - Anjeong/Hadong Development Co., Ltd.
  • Deputy Minister-Ministry of Trade & Industry
  • Counselor-Korean Embassy in Indonesia
  • Director of Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Technology Park Development-Ministry of Commerce & Industry